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Guest badges for the Remenham Club

and car parking arrangements

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Guest badge and cark park prices for 2019

  Badges Car Park
Wednesday, 3rd July £26* £27
Thursday, 4th July £30* £27
Friday, 5th July £32* £33
Saturday, 6th July £34* £35
Sunday, 7th July £26* £30
All five days £120*  -

* A Member’s spouse / partner is entitled to a badge at half these rates.

For more information on how to pay, limits on the number of guest badges available on Friday and Saturday, etc. please see the FAQs page.


Number of guest badges / parking spaces available and limits

The following numbers of guest badges and car parking spaces (and limits on how many an individual member can purchase) are available at the Remenham Club during Henley Regatta 2018:

  Badges Limit Car Park Limit
Wednesday, 3rd July 800 30 per member  95 No limit
Thursday, 4th July 800 30 per member  95 No limit
Friday, 5th July 900 10 per member  95 1 per member
Saturday, 6th July 900 8 per member  85 1 per member
Sunday, 7th July 800 30 per member  85 1 per member
All five days 300  -  -  -

All guest badges are non-transferable.

Competitors racing for their Founding Club may only order guest badges once their crew's entry into the regatta proper has been confirmed.  This does not apply to competitors who are members of the Remenham Club.

Further information about guest badge sales, returns, childern's guest badges, etc. can be found on the FAQs page.


How many guest badges are left

Loads.  See below...   

Also please note that this is the last guest badge availability update before HRR 2019.  
For informaiton on how to purchase guest badges between now and the end of the regatta please see here.  

(Updated 01/07/2019)  

  Guest badges (remaining) Car park tickets (remaining)
Wednesday  326  11
Thursday  133  30
Friday  209  11
Saturday  299  36
Sunday  393  Sold out. 
All five days  86  -


Remenham Club rules during the Regatta

Members are requested to bring to the attention of all guests the rules (Card of Arrangements) for attending the Remeham Club during the Regatta. 

A helpful 'DOs' and DON'Ts' at the Remenham Club during Henley Royal Regatta has also been produced for this years regatta.  Can all members please pay attention as the 'DOs' and the 'DON'Ts' will be strictly enforced at this years regatta. 


For more information about the rules of the Remenham Club see the FAQs page.


If you have any questions concerning Remenham Club tickets for the Henley Royal Regatta please contact the Club via only.  Any attempt to get in contact about tickets by any other means (e.g. Facebook) will be ignored.