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Club house

Remenham Club merchandise, blazers & champagne

Remenham Club merchandise will be on sale during the regatta at the outside beer tent.

The Club's 'official' champagne is for sale at the main bar

If you wish to purchase any item in advance of the regatta please email merchandise and your query will be dealt with. 

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Remenham Club merchandise

The following Remenham Club merchandise is available to buy:

Items for sale Cost
Remenham Club silk tie (striped) £28
Remenham Club silk tie (city tie)  [on order, email to check for availability] £28
Remenham Club silk bow tie £20
Remenham Club socks £10.50
Remenham Club cummerbund £15
Remenham Club boater band £20
Remenham Club pocket square £15
Remenham Club blazer buttons - front button (per button) £3.50
Remenham Club blazer buttons - cuff button (per button) £3.50
Remenham Club blazer buttons (set of 12 [six front & six cuff buttons]) £40
Remenham Club cuff links  (on order, email to check for availability) £15
Remenham Club umbrella  (on order, email to check for availability) t.b.c.

Please get in touch with merchandise if you wish to purchase any of these items. 


Remenham Club blazer (NEW!)

Now available to purchase by all members – the Remenham Club blazer!


  • The braiding on the blazer is the same pattern as the Remenham Club tie.
  • Choose either your Founding Club blazer buttons or purchase specific Remenham Club blazer buttons (available from the club website) for use on your blazer. 
  • All blazers are single breasted with three buttons down the front
  • You can purchase the blazer from our preferred supplier Walters of Oxford.
  • Both men’s and women’s blazers are available.


The price is the same for both men’s and women’s blazers:

Type blazer Cost Delivery time
Pure wool (heavy winter) blazer £275 8-12 weeks
Pure wool (light weight summer) blazer £275 8-12 weeks
Wool/polyester mix blazer £255 2-4 weeks
Polyester blazer £255 8-12 weeks
Remenham Club blazer buttons (per button) £3.50 Please email the Remenham Club for details.  
Blazer ribbon.  The Remenham Club has purchased and paid for the blazer ribbon.  Everyone who purchases a blazer must pay the Club this amount to cover its cost. £17.50 Please email the Remenham Club for details.
Postage & packaging (to cover dispatch of the blazer) t.b.c. Please email Walters for details. 


Orders may be made up until, but no later than, Wednesday May 24, 2017.  Orders placed after this date cannot be guaranteed for delivery in time for this year’s Henley Regatta.

More information about how to order can be found on Walters’ website including the order form which can be downloaded, printed off, filled in and sent off to get made.

If you have any questions about these blazers you‘d like to ask the Remenham Club or you would like to order Remenham Club buttons please email blazers and we will endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible.

Please note that these blazers are not bespoke offerings.  They are off-the-peg designs which can be tailored to an extent to suit and meet your requirements.  If you have any questions about this please contact Walters.


Boizel offer (Remenham Club official champagne)

A taste of Henley all year round!


A direct supply of the Remenham Club's 'official' house champagne is now available to Club members to purchase.

The Committee is pleased to announce that Boizel, the suppliers of the Remenham Club's 'official' house champagne has kindly agreed to supply members and their families a special discounted rate on any direct purchases that members might wish to make.

This offer is ideal for members and families planning weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any occasion when champagne is required.

Further information about the discounted prices and how to order can be obtained by emailing the President.