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Remenham Challenge Cup

Remenham Challenge Cup

At the 1998 and 1999 Henley Royal Regattas the Stewards held an Invitation Race for Women's Eights.

At the Stewards' Meeting in December 1999 it was decided to make this event into an Open Women's Eights event, formally incorporated in the Rules of the Regatta and to be known as THE HENLEY PRIZE

In 2002 the event was renamed THE REMENHAM CHALLENGE CUP when the Stewards accepted the gift of a trophy presented by The Remenham Club in recognition of the support its founding clubs had given women's rowing and in memory of its past President, Mr. Ian Rogers, M.B.E.

Remenham Challenge Cup holders

2017:  Waiariki R.C., New Zealand.


Winners of the Remenham Challenge Cup

Year Winners
2017 Waiariki R.C., NZL  (6.44)
2016 Princeton Training Centre, USA  (7.00)
2015 Western Rowing Club, Canada  (6.48)
2014 Leander Club & Imperial College London  (7.11)
2013 Leander Club & Oxford Brookes University  (6.43)
2012 Western Rowing Club, Canada  (7.27)
2011 Princeton Training Centre, USA  (6.38)
2010 Western Rowing Club, Canada  (7.29)
2009 Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club  (7.37)
2008 Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club  (7.31)
2007 Dortmund Rowing Club, Germany  (7.22)
2006 Princeton Training Centre, USA  (6.50)
2005 Thames Rowing Club ‘A’  (7.27)
2004 Thames Rowing Club & University of London
2003 Western Rowing Club & Victoria City Rowing Club, Canada
2002 Oxford Brookes University
Remenham Challenge Cup