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Tickets / Guest badges frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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When will guest badges go on sale

Remenham Club guest badges will be available to purchase by members after the 2019 spring circular and membership packs have been dispatched to members (March/April).  

Once you have recieved your membership pack use the blue form to place your orders.  If you have not recieved your membership pack or there is a problem please contact


How many guest badges are available

800 guest badges are available for members to purchase on each of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday of the Regatta.   900 guest badges are available for both Friday and Saturday

In order that Members and their potential guests are not to be disappointed, early application for tickets is strongly recommended.


What is the maximum number of guest badges / tickets that I can purchase

There is a limit of 30 guest badges per member which may be purchased for the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday of the Regatta. 

Members may not purchase more than ten tickets (plus spouse / partner) for the Friday.

On Saturday members may not purchase more than eight tickets (plus spouse / partner).


Competitors guest badges

Competitors racing for their Founding Club during this year's regatta may only order guest badges once their crew's entry into the regatta proper has been confirmed

This does not apply to competitors who are members of the Remenham Club. 

Competitors are deemed to be those who are racing in the regatta (i.e. between Wednesday 3rd July and Sunday 7th July 2019) only.  Those members of founding clubs racing in qualifying races on Friday 28th June do not meet this criteria. 


Car parking spaces (tickets)

One car parking space may be reserved per member on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There is no limit on the number of car parking spaces available to members on Wednesday and Thursday of racing. 

Club Car Park tickets can only be issued on condition that Members agree to hand over their car keys, if requested, for possible moving by staff. This will enable the Club to comply with Emergency Access requirements.

The Remenham Club no longer sells tickets for the Remenham Hillside car park.  Members wishing to park their car(s) there should contact COPAS directly.


Children and teenager guest badges

Children under eight years of age are not admitted to the Remenham Club Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Regatta.

Sunday is the traditional day when young children are welcomed at the Remenham Club and they are admitted free of charge.

Guest badge(s) for children of members who are young adults (i.e. between the age of eight and up to 17) can be purchased at a reduced rate (half price) for each day of the Regatta.

Guest badge(s) for children of guests who are young adults (i.e. between the age of eight and up to 17) can be purchased at a reduced rate (half price) for Sunday.  Normal prices apply for guest badges for young adults on the other days of the Regatta.

In no case will unaccompanied children be admitted to the Club or grounds.  Members and Guests are responsible at all times for the proper control of their children.


What is the best way for me to pay for my guest badge(s)

The Remenham Club’s preference is that you pay for your guest badges by bank transfer to the following account:

Name:  Remenham Club Ltd.
Sort code:  20 39 53
A/c number:  90745065

Cheques (made payable to the Remenham Club Ltd.) are also accepted.


How quickly should I expect to receive my guest badge(s)

Pre-sale of guest badges have now finished.  Any guest badges you wish to purchase can be done so at the Treasurer's Box at the entrance to the Remenham Club enclosure.  Guest badge(s) ordered on Saturday/Sunday will be available for collection from the Treasurer’s Box at the entrance to the Remenham Club enclosure.


What should I do if I haven’t received my members badge or guest badge(s) or if I have a question

Contact the membership secretary as soon as possible at the following email address:

Any attempt to get in contact about tickets by any other means (e.g. Facebook) will be ignored.


Last guest badge mail out

update 28/06/2019

Please see below for detailed information on guest badge sales, mail out and collection over the next few days up until 2pm on Tuesday 2nd July (i.e. close of guest badge ordering window).  

  • Postal and email orders received on/before Saturday (29th June) will be posted to the member's address unless collection is requested.
  • Postal and email orders received and processed on Sunday (30th June), Monday (1st July) and until 2pm on Tuesday (2nd July) will not be posted and will be for collection at the Treasurer's box (at the entrance to the Remenhan Club enclosure) only.
  • NO GUEST BADGE ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED AFTER 2pm on TUESDAY (2nd July).  Emails will not be responded to.  Postal orders/cheques will be retained at the Treasurer's Box WITHOUT processing. 
  • If you require guest badges you can purchase them from the Treasurer's Box at any stage during the regatta.
  • Any BACS Transfers made to the club account after 2pm Tuesday will not be processed and will only be refunded after the regatta.  Please note that any such transfers will not be honoured at the treasurer's box.  You will have to pay for any guest badges you wish to purchase on the day.  
  • Perhaps these instructions  may seem unfair to anyone wishing to order guest badges in the last few days leading into the regatta?  Please remember that guest badge orders have been accepted since start of April (i.e. three months ago).  The process outlined above for collecting or purchasing guest badges after Saturday (30th June) are those that have been developed over a number of years.  And they work.  Please be assured that there are plenty of guest badges available to purchase at the Treasurer's box for any guests you may wish to bring into the enclosure.  


Unused guest badge(s)

Unused guest badges may be sold to other members via the Treasurer’s Box on Regatta days.  

If you have a guest badge(s) that will not be used which you would like to sell please take it to the Treasurer’s Box. 

There the guest badge(s) will be placed in an envelope with your name on it and sold on a first come, first served basis… i.e. first guest badge(s) offered for sale will be the first ones offered to members looking for spare guest badge(s).  

Please note that guest badge(s) purchased at a reduced rate will be sold at that reduced rate. 

Please also note that the Remenham Club cannot guarantee that your unused guest badge(s) will be sold.


How many guest badges are left

Loads.  See below...  

Also please note that this is the last guest badge availability update before HRR 2019. 

For informaiton on how to purchase guest badges between now and the end of the regatta please see here

(Updated 01/07/2019)

  Guest badges (remaining) Car park tickets (remaining)
Wednesday 4th July  326  11
Thursday 5th July  133  30
Friday 6th July  209  11
Saturday 7th July  299  36
Sunday 8th July  393  Sold out.
All five days  86   -


Can I bring corporate guests to the Remenham Club during the regatta

Founding Clubs and members wishing to bring corporate guests to the regatta may do so on Wednesday and Thursday, when the Club is less crowded.  There is a limit of 30 to the number of guests each Member may bring. 

Clubs and members are asked not to bring corporate guests on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


What are the rules for all (members and guests) attending the Remenham Club during the regatta

The rules that apply to all (members and guests) attending the Remenham Club during Henley Regatta this year can be found in the Card of Arrangements issued with member’s badges. 

Members are requested to both pay attention to, and bring to the attention of all guests, the rules outlined in the Card of Arrangements for attending the Remeham Club during the Regatta.

A helpful DO's and DON'T's at the Remenham Club during Henley Royal Regatta has also been produced for this years regatta. 

Can all member's please pay attention as the DO's and DON'T's will be strictly enforced at this years regatta.