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Membership Updates

It is important that the Remenham Club has up-to-date contact details for all members (and those who have been accepted onto the waiting list). 

If you have changed address since last year's Regatta (or will change address before this year's Regatta) could you please inform us!


This is particularly important as planning and preperations for this years regatta pick up speed. 

So if you have changed address could you provide the Club with updates for the following information:

  • New postal address
  • Email address
  • Telephone details (land line and mobile)

Please don't forget to include your name

It is not always possible to decipher a person's email address to reveal who they are...

Please address any correspondence to the Membership Secretary at the following address:


For information on how to apply for membership to the Remenham Club, please see the Membership page.