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Remenham Facilities


The Remenham Club facilities during the Regatta consist of the following:

The Club House – providing members and their guests an area to relax and shelter from the elements, and, if required, the sometimes deafening volumes of the Remenham Roar. The main bar is located in the Clubhouse.

The Outside Bar – to assist with prompt return to the racing action, an external is located under the covered walkway from the gate to the clubhouse.

The Mound – the mound provides unrivalled views of the regatta and of course the legendary Remenham Roar emanates from. During the regatta it is covered to keep off the worst or best of the weather as well. Ample seating is available for members to relax while watching the races. Tea, Coffee and accompanying cakes and pastries are also available from the mound.

The Luncheon Tent – The regatta luncheon is provided daily within tent, members and their guests are able to purchase tickets for luncheon. More information is available on the Catering page of this site.

Drone view of the Remenhan Club courtesy of CTA Aerial (