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“One of the new features on the course is the charming little bungalow erected by the Remenham Club on the towpath side, just below the Grosvenor Club enclosure. Its position is in its way unrivalled, for it is the only place from which it is possible to see both the start and the finish of every race” Field magazine - 8th July 1911

The Remenham Club was founded in 1909 during a meeting of metropolitan and up-river clubs. The clubs, now referred to as the founding clubs, are in upstream order: London Rowing Club, Vesta Rowing Club, Thames Rowing Club, Twickenham Rowing Club, Kingston Rowing Club, Molesey Boat Club and Staines Boat Club. The social club created for the Henley Royal Regatta has developed both its facilities as well as its role within the sport of rowing.

The Club grounds stand just under a mile along the 1.3 mile Royal regatta course. Within the grounds, the Clubhouse allows members and their guests to relax out of the elements as well as being the venue for social events outside of the five days of the Henley Royal Regatta. In addition to the clubhouse, the lawn and Remenham Mound, source of the renowned “Remenham Roar”, allows members and their guests the ability to socialise as well as cheering on the races.

Away from the Club grounds, the Remenham Club is also supports healthy competition and camaraderie between some of the country’s most well known rowing clubs through the Remenham Challenge and Annual Dinner.

Fundamental to the Remenham Club’s on-going popularity is the ethos by which it is run – by the members, for the members. It provides a unique taste of early 1900’s club life amongst the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century.  Perceived as being fun, friendly and civilised, many members prefer the more intimate atmosphere of the Remenham Club to the queues and crowds in the main enclosures. Its size and limited numbers means that it is much easier to find old rowing friends.